Hereford gets bullish connectivity

Full fibre expansion puts Hereford businesses in the fast lane

Businesses at Skylon Park are taking advantage of gigabit capable connectivity thanks to the launch of a ‘Faster Britain’ full fibre network.

Hereford’s Faster Britain digital infrastructure is powered by alternative network provider ITS to meet the soaring demand for fast internet connections from the area’s business community.

Over the last six months ITS has expanded its Faster Britain network to encompass Rotherwas Park and the Hereford Enterprise Zone, providing fast and reliable gigabit-speed connectivity.

Further investment has also been announced, with the network set to expand to the Park’s new Shell Store and Cyber Centre.

Through its approach to re-using existing infrastructure, Faster Britain builds are deployed faster than the competition by minimising disruption through intrusive, and often prolonged digs. It also means connectivity can be installed in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

As the Government promises 100% Gigabit capability by 2025, and with its announcement of Project Speed, ITS is playing a key role by building its Faster Britain network across the UK.

Andrew Manning Cox, the Chair of Hereford Enterprise Zone, said: “Here at Skylon Park we strive to provide every possible opportunity to help our businesses fulfil their ambitions. So we are delighted that ITS is investing to build out the fibre network at Rotherwas to allow more businesses easy access to full fibre connectivity and all the competitive advantage that can bring.“

Daren Baythorpe, CEO of ITS said: “I am excited that Skylon Park is part of our growing Faster Britain UK network with the town feeling the benefits of full fibre. Being part of our programme ensures that Hereford is able to meet the government’s goals for everyone in the UK to have access to ‘gigabit capable’ connectivity by 2025.

“As the legacy copper-based network becomes obsolete and we move towards its switch off, our mission is to deliver full fibre, gigabit capable connectivity to where it is needed. The pandemic has highlighted just how vital a fast internet connection is to enable people to continue to keep in touch, particularly when circumstances are keeping us apart.”

As part of the Faster Britain programme, customers are able to access a huge range of IT, telephony, gigabit capable broadband and connectivity solutions via ITS’ extensive partner community and are being encouraged to register their interest here.

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