Faster Britain partners with local connectivity providers to bridge the connectivity gap

Seamless connectivity is the critical enabler behind thriving businesses. From harnessing the revolutionary technology that allows businesses to tap into different markets to just speeding up day-to-day operations like transferring files, full fibre is bridging the connectivity market around the UK. One way that Faster Britain, powered by ITS Technology Group, is doing their part is by partnering with local providers on board the Faster Britain bus to highlight the transformative potential of ultrafast networks. Recently, the bus hit the roads in Greater Manchester with local provider Red Rock Communications to engage with local businesses on the importance of true business-grade connectivity.

How Faster Britain is building partnerships for progress

The Faster Britain bus recently rolled into Tameside, bringing together Faster Britain, Red Rock Communications, and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. The goal was to demonstrate how an ultrafast network is essential for community development, particularly in areas like Oldham.

The event was a testament to how local partnerships are pivotal in driving digital transformation and economic growth. Greater Manchester’s economy is thriving, and with a GDP of £88 billion – representing 4.5% of England’s overall economy, it’s important to continually uplift the region’s business community to ensure the future success of the British economy.

That’s why Faster Britain and Red Rock specifically targeted Denton Business Park to engage with private businesses, educating them on how high-speed internet access positively impacts their progression and enhances community access, boosting the local economy and digital transformation initiatives across the region.

At Denton Business Park, Red Rock’s session aboard the Faster Britain bus was an educational experience for both existing and potential customers. The event highlighted the importance of community engagement in the ongoing evolution of business connectivity. It covered the unique needs of business connectivity compared to residential and the technological opportunities it unlocks.

From the event, there were a few key messages on how Faster Britain’s network benefits Oldham businesses. These include:

  • Overcoming Connectivity Challenges: Eliminating issues such as long loading times and slow file transfers.
  • Enhancing Opportunities: Connecting Greater Manchester with next-generation technology like the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, and cloud computing.
  • Upgrading Infrastructure: Helping community organisations transition from outdated systems, thus fostering digital skills development.

Engaging with local industry influencers from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

One of the key ways that Faster Britain and local providers like Red Rock worked to engage regional interest was by partnering with local influencers who have intimate knowledge of how the community landscape is impacted by connectivity. Working with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce not only highlighted how integral organisations like them are to the success of the business community, but how Faster Britain has worked to collaborate with local businesses to provide solutions designed to uplift specific economies.

Katya Kravtsova from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce emphasised the significant impact of the event on the local area. She stated:

The experience today underscores the critical importance of connectivity for businesses. It's not just about faster internet; it’s about empowering the community and enabling business growth.”

The Value of Business-Grade Connectivity

The bus tour underscored the true value of genuine business-grade connectivity. It highlighted that local businesses need not settle for outdated infrastructure. Instead, they can leverage the cutting-edge solutions provided by Faster Britain and local partners like Red Rock Communications to uplift and develop organisations of all sizes.

It’s integral to make the value of business-grade connectivity clear now, with the impending copper switch-off growing nearer. With a Faster Britain connection, UK businesses can move from speeds as low as 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up, to symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps.

This revolutionises everything within a business, from how long it takes to transfer a file to video conferencing quality and the ability to adopt and support cloud-based business applications from the likes of Microsoft Azure, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS platforms, and Amazon Web Services.

Harness business-grade connectivity through Faster Britain’s revolutionary network

If your business is ready to embrace a faster future, now is the time to explore how Faster Britain’s products and services are revolutionising the connectivity market. Faster Britain, through its strategic partnerships and innovative business solutions, is making significant strides in bridging the connectivity gap in areas like Greater Manchester and beyond. The Faster Britain bus tour is a powerful initiative that highlights the opportunities associated with true business-grade full fibre connectivity. By collaborating with local providers and community organisations embedded within the business landscape, Faster Britain is driving digital transformation and economic growth across the UK, while prioritising regional success.

Discover how Faster Britain is changing the way businesses think about broadband solutions and enabling a faster, more efficient digital landscape, and see when the bus is near you today.

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