Faster Britain delivers one of the UK’s largest business-grade full fibre networks, using our team of specialists and strategic partnerships to provide full fibre to any business in the UK. In London alone, we cover almost every borough, offering future-ready business-grade connectivity to support the growing businesses of tomorrow.

New FULL FIBRE network in UK, are you connected?

  • Lincoln

    England, United Kingdom

  • Nottingham

    England, United Kingdom

  • Birmingham

    England, United Kingdom

  • Sheffield

    England, United Kingdom

  • Bristol

    England, United Kingdom

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Covering 25% of UK businesses, with an ambition to reach a million

Faster Britain has already made waves, connecting 25% of UK businesses, and in the next few years, will take the leading business full fibre network to a million enterprises that need the next generation of connectivity to support their biggest endeavours.


We’re opening up possibilities for UK businesses and helping the UK government in its bid to provide 100% gigabit capability by 2030, making the UK a digital powerhouse. We recognise that we need to level the playing field when it comes to accessing a resilient, reliable, future-ready network, which is why we’re able to provide full fibre to any business in the UK, either through our own network or with our strategic partners. Every region across the UK deserves the leading business coverage, and it’s why we’re a connectivity partner striving to help businesses find the right solution every step of the way.

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