Don’t Delay in Reviewing Your Business Broadband

Business broadband is the cornerstone of an efficient business, but not all packages are equal. In fact, UK businesses might be paying for speeds they’re not getting – with the average received speeds at just 73.21Mbps. This discrepancy highlights the importance of regularly reviewing your broadband package to ensure it meets your business needs before your contract expires. Doing so allows you to seamlessly switch to a provider that guarantees reliable, high-speed connectivity round-the-clock. Today, we’ll provide you with all the tell-tale signs that your current connectivity package isn’t up to the challenge of your growing business and explain all the operational benefits associated with a gigabit-capable full fibre connection.

Is Your Broadband Cutting It?

With an average business broadband speed of just 73.21Mbps, many businesses are left behind in an increasingly data-driven world. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) require robust, high-speed connections to stay competitive, especially with the growing reliance on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and cloud computing. These technologies demand fast upload and download speeds that only full fibre can deliver. That means to keep up with modern trends; organisations need to adopt connectivity that can accommodate these bandwidth-hungry technologies before the competition gets a head start. One sure-fire way to know if your connectivity package is up to the challenge is to assess whether it’s displaying one of the many symptoms of poor connectivity.

Here are some common signs that it’s time to upgrade your broadband to a Faster Britain connection:

Patchy Connectivity: If your business experiences inconsistent connectivity across multiple sites or within your office, it’s a clear sign that your current broadband package is inadequate. Reliable connectivity is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring seamless operations.

Drop-offs During Video Conferencing: Remote working has become a staple but demands high bandwidth for flawless video calls. If your team frequently encounters interruptions and poor video quality, it’s due to insufficient bandwidth.

Slow Adoption of Bandwidth-Hungry Technology: Struggling to implement the latest technological advancements could be due to your broadband limitations. Technologies like AI, expected to contribute significantly to global GDP, require fast, reliable internet to function optimally.

Slow File Transfer Speeds: If transferring large files between users takes longer than it should, it’s a sign that you aren’t getting the speeds you’re paying for.

Sluggish Connections at Peak Times: Copper connections and lower bandwidths often lead to congestion during peak times, slowing down your operations. A modern, ultrafast full fibre connection can eliminate this bottleneck.

What Does Faster Britain Offer UK Businesses?

Faster Britain’s next-generation full fibre network is designed to propel UK businesses into the future. With connectivity packages offering up to 1Gbps on FibreLight and 10Gbps on a wholly dedicated FibreBright, Faster Britain ensures:

Future-Proofing: Embrace emerging technologies like IoT-enabled smart devices, such as environmental monitoring technology, with confidence.

Operational Efficiency: Eliminate bottlenecks caused by dropped connections and slow speeds, keeping employees productive and online platforms running.

Enhanced Security: More resilient fibre connections are crucial in an era of rising cyber threats. 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber security threat in recent years, so it's now more important than ever to adopt a connectivity package that prioritises security with a 100% electro-magnetic interference resistant full fibre footprint.

Cost Efficiency: Flexible packages that grow with your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Faster Britain’s 10Gbps-enabled network ensures that even if your business starts at speeds of just 100Mbps, you can grow your bandwidth as demand increases without significant infrastructure upgrades.

Reduced Downtime: Reliable backup and resiliency options to maintain an ‘always on’ business model. Organisations lose up to 11% of their yearly revenue thanks to unexpected downtime, but with industry-leading service level agreements, Faster Britain solutions prioritise business continuity.

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Faster Britain revolution

Four in five UK companies face challenges in implementing digital transformation strategies due to poor connectivity. Don’t let your business be one of them. The Faster Britain network provides the tools and infrastructure necessary to navigate the fibre revolution confidently. With a team of over 500 specialist and strategic partnerships, we can connect any business in the UK with true business-grade full fibre designed to transform business productivity and efficiency.

If you think your current connectivity solution isn’t quite up to scratch, reach out to Faster Britain today, and see how a fully 10Gbps-enabled connectivity solution can change the face of your business.

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