Is full fibre relevant to the property sector?

Rapid digitalisation means having high-quality, reliable internet in commercial properties is more crucial than ever. It's not just a convenience—it's a necessity that impacts daily operations, competitiveness, and growth potential.

The UK has a diverse mix of property types, each requiring robust, reliable connectivity in multiple ways to meet landlords', developers', and tenants' needs.

However, many properties must upgrade to smarter environments. The impending PSTN switch-off threatens many common attributes within properties, such as lifts, and replacing traditional copper lines with all-IP networks is becoming more urgent.

Faster Britain is leading the charge in connecting the UK’s property sector with 100% gigabit-capable full-fibre connectivity, but this begs the question: how relevant is full fibre to the success of property? Today, we’ll discuss how full fibre enables properties across industries to tap into improved tenant experience and adopt the technologies that revolutionise property green technology access and more.

Why full fibre?

The demand for data is increasing, and with this comes an increasing need for infrastructure that can accommodate this. All bandwidth-hungry technology, be it smart devices such as lighting and heating control to cloud-based CRM systems, need an ultrafast data highway to transfer information at the speed of light safely. These speeds are simply unattainable for legacy copper networks solutions.

This means that property agents and landlords who don’t invest in more modern infrastructure like full fibre struggle to adopt technology that can improve tenant access to the internet and retain tenants for longer.

Full fibre provides symmetrical upload and download speeds that are essential for property owners of all types to operate effectively. Here are some examples of where full fibre can transform the property sector:

Shopping Centres: Full fibre isn’t just connecting landlords and managing agents with faster speeds; it’s directly impacting retailers, speeding up their usage of point-of-sale systems, online inventory management and customer data management, and connecting shoppers with faster Guest Wi-Fi experience.

Multi-Occupier Business Units: As businesses grow, so does their connectivity and data usage. Full fibre provides the flexibility to allow businesses within commercial units to grow their bandwidth to their usage needs, while providing the speeds they need to operate cloud-based business applications across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Industrial Parks and Estates: Industrial parks encapsulate some of the broadest range of industries, meaning their usage of bandwidth-hungry devices varies. However, with many of these parks and estates occupied by organisations within the manufacturing and logistics sectors, full fibre facilitates and encourages the continual use of cost-cutting, efficiency-boosting technology lines, quality assurance and stock control with the capability to feed data back in real time.

Why Faster Britain?

With much of the UK property market still on legacy infrastructure, the Faster Britain network is proving essential to digitising properties across retail to multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Here are some of the benefits that the property sector can reap with business-grade full fibre:

  • Attracting and Retaining Tenants: With such a competitive tenancy landscape, landlords need to adopt connectivity that attracts and retains tenants. Reliable high-speed internet is crucial for data-hungry sectors like retail, creative industries, and finance and with the explosion of remote working in MDUs, growing headcounts in business units and a migration of high street retailers to large shopping complexes, property managers can increase tenant attraction.
  • Property Value: Return on investment is at the heart of why full fibre is essential to the property sector. With demand on bandwidth only expected to grow with the expansion of cloud computing and business applications, buildings with upgraded internet infrastructure command higher rents and buying prices in the future.
  • Boost Your WiredScore: A WiredScore is a certification that helps commercial buildings stand out from the crowd and attract tech-savvy tenants. The Faster Britain network ensures landlords and managing agents can access a WiredScore certification that proves to your commercial tenants that you’re committed to accommodating the future of technology.

Trust Faster Britain’s next generation to boost your property portfolio

With so many benefits and opportunities to adopt technology that enhances your property portfolio, it’s time to connect with a network that provides business-grade broadband for the future. Faster Britain’s revolutionary connectivity solutions are designed to put scalability first, allowing property managers and landlords for all property types to attract and retain tenants while digitising for the future. Contact Faster Britain today to see how the UK’s leading business full fibre network can take you into a connected building future.

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