Five Challenges Business Leased Lines Overcome

The way businesses operate changes daily, so uptime becomes a considerable concern when you have a connection that can't keep up due to peak-hour congestion, security concerns, and slow upload and download to the cloud. 

If this rings true, it might be time to rethink your broadband and consider leased lines for business. A fibre leased line for companies could be the key antidote to the challenges that hinder performance and block progression. 

What is a Dedicated Leased Line?

A leased line, also known as an Ethernet, leased line, is a type of internet connection you rent. It's an exclusive, private, uncontended connection that directly connects your business premises to a data centre. Faster Britain's full fibre leased line offers a resilient and exclusive connection with 10Gbps, symmetrical upstream and downstream, perfect for cloud-based operations. 

Typical broadband connectivity works by utilising a public network. This means that connections are impacted by network traffic from third parties, could be more vulnerable to security breaches, and don't offer symmetrical upload and download speeds. Leased lines are private to your business, ensuring all the bandwidth and network capacity is reserved for your vital operations.

Challenges a Leased Line Overcomes

Here are some of the challenges a leased line connection can help organisations overcome: 

1. Security Concerns

In the wake of high inflation and market uncertainty, the last thing budding businesses need in 2023 is security breaches. 69% of large enterprises in the UK experienced breaches or cyber security attacks in 2022. Data security and network protection should be a key priority for businesses that value continuity, reputation and retaining capital.

With a public access broadband connection, interference and cybercrime becomes a greater risk. This is because data travels over a shared connection, which malicious parties easily intercept. With a leased line, your internet access is private, with encrypted data. So, a leased line connection could be a key weapon in your continuity and cyber security arsenal. 

2. Slow Upload Speeds to the Cloud, Faster Video Conferencing and VoIP

A report released by the UK Government in 2020 found that the UK cloud connectivity market would be worth £35 billion by this year, with 89% of companies utilising at least one cloud connectivity service. This is due to the cloud's enhanced data storage, security, analysis, and CRM services. 

With this level of cloud adoption, all organisations need the connectivity infrastructure to keep up with competitors. However, businesses that don't have symmetrical upload and download speeds may struggle to upload and retrieve data from the cloud at the speeds they need. 

Thankfully, leased lines offer symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps. Unlike some business broadband options, you can upload files at 10Gbps and download files at the same speeds and enjoy real-time VoIP experiences and faster video conferencing to give a truly in-person experience to stakeholders. 

3. A Lack of Connectivity Flexibility

All companies move at speed, so having the connectivity that can offer the same flexibility could be the difference between scaling and not. Leased line connectivity offers the choice of speed and bandwidth, so as your grows, your connectivity will grow with you on demand. 

With XGS-PON capability built into the Faster Britain network, our FibreBright leased-lined connectivity overcomes flexibility challenges with all the capacity needed to accommodate the future of technology and increased users across all sites.

4. Patchy Broadband Connection Impacting Communication

With most of the customer experience now occurring online, patchy broadband connections disrupting the customer experience could be the difference between gaining or retaining a customer. For small enterprises alone, around a third of businesses cite poor connectivity as their reason for being unable to contact or being contacted by customers.

This significantly hinders the economic performance of the UK, so business must access a connectivity solution that allows them to make the customer experience as positive as possible. With an uncontended leased line, you always get 100% of the broadband capacity, which means you can enjoy faster video calls, emailing and everything in between. 

5. Slow Connection at Peak Times

When businesses must share their network with other users, peak hours can lead to slower loading times, video call lags, and interruptions. This disruption and potential downtime can be costly, so a leased line could be a key tool in avoiding network congestion with a direct, uncontended connection; peak times finally equal peak productivity for your company.

Where Can I Get a Leased Line?

At Faster Britain, we're delivering one of the UK's largest business-grade full fibre networks, with our FibreBright leased line package offering up to 10Gbps of bandwidth for all your future flexibility and scalability needs, built in. Our leased line offers a fixed time service level agreement of six hours, symmetrical upload and download speeds, alongside a resilient gigabit connectivity solution for enterprises. Beat the biggest business bugbears with a leased line connection from Faster Britain.

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