Faster Britain is here!

Full fibre network operator, ITS has launched ‘Faster Britain’. The brand aims to make it easier for its wholesale partners and their customers to access gigabit capable connectivity.

The Faster Britain brand will underpin all that ITS owns and delivers, including its infrastructure, products and delivery; building a standard by which partners are guaranteed access to gigabit connectivity, removing end-user confusion surrounding speeds and network capabilities.

Central to Faster Britain is how it collaborates with partners to identify geographical areas that are underserved. Known as Vantage, partners are able to influence the prioritisation of network builds to deliver where connections are needed.

Daren Baythorpe, CEO of ITS said: “Full fibre and gigabit broadband have risen to the top of the infrastructure agenda. The government’s pledge for 100% coverage is going to take more collaboration across sectors and barrier removal to achieve. I am really excited to launch the Faster Britain programme as it is designed to overcome these challenges. It is an enabler for us and our partners to work together to deliver connectivity where it is needed and at pace, particularly those businesses and communities that are underserved. Where a connection is powered by Faster Britain, customers are guaranteed gigabit.”

Justin Leese, Programme Director, Local Full Fibre Networks, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said: “The government is fully committed to bringing a high-speed, gigabit capable internet connection to every home and business in the UK by 2025. We're going a long way to help facilitate this with a number of initiatives that stimulate demand across full fibre and 5G, taking an ‘outside in’ approach to ensure both rural and urban premises are covered. It is absolutely fantastic that alternative network operators such as ITS are playing an important role in delivering this pledge. It is this sector’s agile and innovative approach that will help to get fibre done.”

Faster Britain comprises a footprint of 23 gigabit networks across the UK, and growing, as its full fibre rollout accelerates. Faster Britain will enable faster network builds by reusing existing infrastructure wherever possible, faster install and access for end-users, and faster growth of local economies. 

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