Benefits of the Copper Switch-Off for Burton Businesses

The digital world is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is usually contingent on one thing: reliable and robust connectivity. However, businesses in Burton also have to consider that the face of connectivity is changing forever, thanks to the copper switch-off. In this blog, we’ll explore how the copper switch-off will impact Burton’s rich manufacturing and industrial landscape and explain why opting for full-fibre powered by Faster Britain is the way to future-proof your business.

Understanding the Copper Switch-Off: A Positive Shift

The copper switch-off, which will bring 100% gigabit-capable connectivity to the UK by 2030, marks the end of an era for traditional copper-based networks. Instead, infrastructure will shift to state-of-the-art full fibre that’s ultrafast and future-ready. Openreach announced they would stop selling copper FTTC connections as part of the UK Government’s commitment to providing adequate digital services to homes and businesses.  

This change will have a profound impact on the businesses that form the backbone of Burton's economy, offering significant development opportunities for the area’s budding manufacturing, real estate and health services, including adoptions via:

  • Robotic product assembly processes
  • AI-assisted inventory management
  • Telemedicine advancements

How the Copper Switch-Off Benefits Burton Businesses

The impending shift to full fibre is not just about the endless advancements of new technology; it's about unlocking opportunities for growth, resilience, and innovation across every sector that values increased efficiency, heightened productivity and security:

  1. Elevated Connectivity: Full fibre brings lightning-fast internet access that bolsters improved communication. This is vital for the bustling industries in Burton, like real estate, that rely on clear customer communication channels to process everything from rental applications to CRM systems.
  2. Future-Ready Infrastructure: The future of business technology is hungry for broadband bandwidth, so slower copper lines just don’t fit the bill. With the Faster Britain full fibre network, businesses can access speeds of up to 10Gbps! This technology is the gateway to emerging innovations, ensuring you remain competitive in a more digital market. This means that embracing the copper switch-off is the key to getting your business ready for the future.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: High-speed internet and reliable connections empower your employees to work more efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and provide superior services and communication to your customers via digital channels.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Over time, full fibre can be more cost-effective due to reduced maintenance and less downtime, resulting in a stronger return on investment. The best businesses in Burton will be prioritising cost efficiency, so fibre optic connectivity offers a great opportunity to make investments go further.

Faster Britain: Your Partner in Burton's Digital Evolution

Faster Britain specialises in providing full fibre solutions tailored to the unique needs of Burton businesses. With incredible brewing businesses like Coors, Carling, Worthington Bitters and Marston’s underpinning Burton’s rich economy, it’s important to have a connectivity provider that understands the opportunities available to businesses to adopt these new, exciting technologies. With a range of Faster Britain partners available, we can identify your business’s unique needs and match you to a partner who specialises in your industry sector.

Our mission is to ensure that your business in Burton remains connected, competitive, and ready to embrace the future. That’s why we offer:

  • High-Speed Business Broadband: Experience unparalleled internet speeds, enabling rapid data transfers and seamless online operations.
  • Reliability: Our full fibre connections are robust and resilient, ensuring consistent connectivity, hail, rain or shine.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, our solutions can adapt to meet your ever-expanding bandwidth needs with up to 10Gbps of connectivity capability. Even if you don’t require that now, there will be no issues with your business scaling up as you grow.
Our Pledge to Burton upon Trent

Faster Britain is deeply embedded in Burton and the midlands, and, as our advertising campaign demonstrates, we’re committed to providing businesses with the gigabit-capable connectivity they need, whenever they need it. Our rich collection of over 500 partners ensures we make switching to the new age of full fibre connectivity even easier.

The copper switch-off is not a hurdle; it's an opportunity for Burton's key industries to elevate their connectivity and drive growth. Check your eligibility for full fibre connectivity today using our postcode checker. Don't wait—future-proof your business today and stay ahead of the curve.

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